Team Size: 1 Member

Goal: Better Recipe App

Role: UI/UX Developer

Time: 2 weeks

Practice of Agile/Lean UX Principles




Wireframing (Paper)


Adobe Photoshop


Pixel Perfect Mock-up











This project began with simple need-finding, as I found a common frustration many people shared in using online recipes on mobile apps or browsers while simultaneously trying to cook. The need to refer back to the recipe, enlarge or scroll text, and find the next step interrupted the necessary flow of cooking. Often there was a lot of stress and mistakes when attempting to use any unfamiliar recipe. 




Thus I came up with a simple UI solution after a lot of rapid prototyping, hoping to find a solution that makes cooking from a recipe a seamless and enjoyable process










1. Copy online recipe URL and Paste

Simply find the recipe you want, copy the URL and paste, then turn the kitchen timer!

The text of the recipe would be recognized and cut up step-by-step in a visual slideshow, allowing quick viewing and place-holding while the user goes back and forth between cooking and reading






3. Food is for Sharing!

With the option to connect your app with social media accounts, it would be possible to share stories and pictures of all the recipes cooked successfully with the assistance of Sous-Chef!


So I started to storyboard scenarios of several possible designs, and ultimately decided that one major attribute would have to allow the user to take a recipe from any website by simply copy-and-pasting a URL. This way the app is not limited like other food apps to the limited and less personalized recipe database. People don't want suggested recipes, they want to use the recipes of the amazing food-pic they saw on Pinterest!




At least in its paper prototyping stages, the app's main attributes and interfaces were fleshed out. Its function would enable one to take any recipe online and have it transformed into a chunk-able and visually easy interface, requiring little interaction while providing users with the information they need to continue cooking. 










After several iterations, additional features to the app came into development. Sous-Chef would allow you to keep a record of the recipes you used, in case you wanted to use it again, and much like a cookbook, into designated categories. 

Meats: French Buttered Steak, Pork Chops, Fish Filet

Deserts: Baked Alaska, Tangerine Tea Cake

The design would imitate a manila file-like cookbook with tabs to imitate a french cookbook theme. 








Using a focus-group strategy to gather user feedback, I was able to test out my prototype with a simple interactive tool. 

With both the feedback and observations of test-users trying to navigate Sous-Chef, a shopping-list option was proposed. Testers wanted a shopping list where the ingredients normally listed on a webpage would be easier to read. 







Pixel Perfect Mockup

Future Application

This application can make cooking from a recipe a more enjoyable experience. Taking out the frustrations of difficult to read and scroll text, Sous-Chef will be your personal assistant in the kitchen for all future food endeavors.