Helping Hand

helping Hand

"Find help from your neighbors and offer help yourself. Have an hour to lose? Well, Patrick down the street needs some help fixing his car. "






I grew up in a time when we knew our neighbors and if you needed help, you could just call over a friend. Now it seems that people have become increasingly isolated, where there are many gated communities without any of the "community". People often blame technology for increasing isolation and lack of meaningful communication, which can be true, however technology can also be used to change the status quo of how we communicate. 


This app concept was developed from a research project to find new ways of building communities in neighborhoods using mobile technology. Users will be able to post a request for help, whether it be moving furniture or putting up a tire swing, from people in their local neighborhood. They will also be able to get help requests from other users in their area. 








Times Article- Helping others brings happiness and even increases lifespan!

The concept is a simple social media program, with a list of requests in your local area. The result would ideally be a more connected local community, where the barriers of requesting are lowered. The different aspects of "Helping Hand" are maps, posts, likes, and chats. 

Potentially, a user will be able to request help from others who live on his street to move his furniture in exchange for!


I am working to collaborate on this project with some pals to get "Helping Hand" in someone's hands soon. The collaborative work with my engineering friends has been a great learning process (I get to practice my programming skills too). 

"Helping Hand" really comes from my passion to adapt current technologies to help build more personal and meaningful connections. There is so much potential in our everyday technology to help us communicate with one another, and "Helping Hand" is just a part of that vision.