Fidget Gadget

This is true example of a product designed with the specific purpose of fulfilling a user "need". Not saying I want one, but something about this product design really spoke to me about "purpose" behind products.

We design to accomplish a task or make things easier, more efficient. In actuality, this is not just a fidget product, but a supplement to making work more efficient, or so they say. It's an interesting way of solving a somewhat trivial need, but perhaps on a larger scale could be applied in classrooms with children who have problem with paying attention. 

My classroom of kids every Sunday have their eyes either glued to a screen, or their trying to find every position they can possible to "sit" in a chair. If we could create a non-distracting element that could be used as a discrete output of energy, this could be very beneficial for learning in classrooms. 

Kristi ChoiComment