Pillo- "Just a little bit creepy"

Interesting concept, and greatly appreciate the effort to make consumer health tech more relatable on a human level. Pillo, the personal home health robot that does everything from sending you push notifications to take your medication, "pop" out that medication, and start a facetime with you and your physician. 

Problems Solved: 

  • More accessible health advice
  • "Trusted" help with taking medication, though I might wait for 2.0 version if I wanted to depend on it for medication
  • Friendly and compatible with current devices
  • Much friendlier feel than a medicine box you have to refill yourself, and probably takes away the anxiety and/or disruptiveness of taking medication

I am not part of this audience who would recognize this as a solution to problems associated with taking medication regularly, but my grandpa is. I am curious if people will find this useful as I can see this sort of tech becoming a staple in a home. Right next to the coffee brewer. 

The larger commentary on this design, is what I mentioned before, that it's really moving in the health sphere, towards more human interactions. The power of bringing in a language of gestures, human cues we would recognize like a wave or a pat, really provides that experience that people associate with good bedside manner, which I know can really make a world of difference for those who are dependent on tech to function everyday. 

Cool stuff!


Kristi ChoiComment