MIT Tech Review Front Cover

Being a huge Rockwell fan, the cover is both charming, satirical, and a bit saddening all at the same time. The picture of a yuppie in his hipster boots dangling cash above the palms of a tired, humbled, unhealthy man twice his age, I think provides the same powerful commentary that Rockwell's art did at his time. With the iconic animation-realist style of paint, and the Life Magazine-like 50's text styling around the two men, one would could only tell it wasn't a Rockwell if it were not for the date, the cost per issue ($6.99!!) and the inconspicuous segway standing innocently in the background. 

Oh Rockwell...what would you actually paint about the American life now? Rather than a girl in front of a mirror and magazine, perhaps a selfie stick and her social media feed. 

See my gallery for my Rockwell imitations. 

Kristi ChoiComment