Study Finds....that there are too many studies that found "something" not worth your time reading.

I want to just start posting all the studies that claim "interesting" facts about our lifestyle, informing the public that there has been "scientifically" proven knowledge that some obscure fruit can add years to our lives, or there is something we do everyday that is killing us. 

You know, those "study finds breathing may be killing you" headlines made simply to get more views. It's the exploitation of the public's trust of the scientific method to get more eyes on their website. I come across it quite often, and have, myself, been a victim of clicking through many at a time on how some obscure study found that I, unknowingly, am killing myself.

These articles say that my coffee addiction could add years to my life whereas the hours I sit at my desk will take them off. So do they cancel out? I guess I will just keep doing what I am doing then. Brilliant. 

Kristi ChoiComment