UX First Aid

At one of last year's UX Speakeasy Meetup, we collaborated on a "First Aid" mission, to address different problematic situations UX designers often meet with different stakeholders. It was a pretty fun night as we thought about solutions to the "ailments" which were all scenarios with names such as "shiny object syndrome" (when clients say they like a particular site and ask designers to just make that) and "borderline user disorder" (designing for everyone's needs and pleasing nobody).

We identified the symptoms (observable characteristics that you might be in this scenario), first aid (how we would immediately resolve the issue, and future prevention (what we would do to avoid such a scenario). 

Our group got "Test-Method-icular Overexaminitus", the problem when your stakeholders are not convinced from existing user research and are holding onto their own ideas of what their product should be. 

I have to say my group was particularly bold and suggested that the best solution would be to just hire Don Norman and Jacom Neilson for your designers. 

figure sketches were by me

figure sketches were by me

We thought a good preventative solution would be to define what "success" would be before you begin user research, then the whole team (especially stakeholders) will have some set expectations and primary endpoints. More stakeholder participation during the user testing process would also provide key insight into the value of what tests you have done. 

It was a fun night as we shared and commiserated over real examples of how we have lived these different scenarios. Can't wait for future events!

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