Volvo's new campaign for Life Paint is just so brilliant. Really curious about the product design process as it seems to be the perfect solution to the problem that there are too many bike accidents...

Source of the problem: 

1-cities do not have enough bike lanes

2-cyclists are difficult to see at night

3-people don't want to buy nor wear flashy tacky glow gear


1-Add more bike lanes/ neither feasible for mass users, as it is a whole other task to petition each city to add more bike lanes, nor solves the other problem that bikes are still difficult to see at night

2&3- These two issues come together as a simple solution would be do design gear that people would want to wear. However cost-wise, trendy cycling gear that is both protective is not very inspiring. 

Gold: To have designed a paint that goes on your normal clothes and sack, invisible in normal light but glowing in car headlights...genius! The solution is so simple, which is telling that it is the right one. Both cost efficient and high in usability, Volvo has made a great product, which will undoubtedly help set their image apart from  the gas guzzling environmentally unfriendly automotive companies. 

Not spray flattery (bad pun intended), I hope to be able to make a product like that myself soon. 

Kristi ChoiComment