New York- A Designer's Fantasy

I was able to take a trip this month to NYC, and I have to say to me its the most beautiful city in the world. From everything to the architecture, to the sounds, the PEOPLE...its honestly a feast for the eyes. Perhaps at moments overstimulating, but I will always prefer that to being under stimulated which is how I would describe Southern California. 

By far my favorite part of the city is Central Park. I love how it is still a park, but nature has taken over most of it. We were lucky and at the time we visited at the right part of the park, a reserve that only opens on the second tuesday of every month was open, and we got to see this overlook where someone built these beautiful drift wood railings and benches. A work of art.

We always stay away from the tourist side of ny just because we visit so often and know ny has so much more to offer. But one thing my mother and I always make it a priority to do is to watch a musical, and this year it was the wonderful King and I. Barely making it just as the pit orchestra was starting the overture, we sat for a blissful 3 hours of Kelli O'hara and Cast's wonderful performance. 

I have to say, the Lincoln Center is almost breathtaking at night. 

We used google maps a lot to get around, and often we were stumped on which way was north and south and although google maps directs us which street to walk down, a nice feature would be immediate orientation and direction of which way to walk. I also thought it would be funny to have a comical blog of pictures of new yorkers using maps and looking lost. Maybe someday I can make that blog myself ;)

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