Who dis?


W H O   D I S ?

I was born and raised in Louisville, KY but am now living and working in the San Diego area as a product designer.

I came to product design post-college, but realized in some ways I have been doing "design" all my life. I operate in this world as an observer with creative ideas and a desire to make things the best they can be (myself included). 

I am interested in becoming an inspiring designer who creates things that have a lasting positive impact, bringing both joy and meaning to peoples' lives.

Ingredients for a Kristi Choi

1 quart of Design Thinking
1 pinch of Wanderlust
4 minced Tennis Balls
Simmer for 4 Podcasts
1 healthy tbs of Food Puns
1 gallon of Nitro Coffee
5 Oscar's Octopus Tacos